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Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Plan 10X Chocolate Brownie Cookies 1-Week Box

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4.00 LBS
Ships within 24 hours. Free U.S. shipping on 2 or more boxes (any flavors).

Product Description

They look like cookies and taste like brownies . They're Chocolate Brownie cookies! Made with real cocoa, they're delicious yet have just 60 calories each.


Product Videos

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Arizona woman who lost half her size on Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet appeared on ET
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    Arizona woman who lost half her size on Dr. Siegal's Cookie Di...
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There are 14 review(s) for Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Plan 10X Chocolate Brownie Cookies 1-Week Box

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  • Absolutely Delicious!

    by Jaime – 7th Mar 2016

    These chocolate cookies are good! I eat them straight from the bag. They're also filling. I haven't had any cravings or severe hunger pangs. I've finally found a diet that works! Thank you very much!

  • chocolate brownie cookies

    by jean – 3rd Dec 2015

    chocolate brownie cookies are very good

  • yummy.

    by Barbara H – 7th May 2015

    Love chocolate so these are satisfying

  • Plan 10X chocolate brownie

    by Unknown – 6th Mar 2015

    Not particularly crazy about the plan x cookie. I guess I like the soft fluffiness of the Dr. Siegal classic cookies better.


    by Sandy Sullivan – 13th Feb 2015

    Didn't have to give up chocolate. These are delicious. I put the "Classic" cookie in the microwave a few seconds & it tastes like a brownie. Seems to enhance its goodness.

  • Delicious

    by Unknown – 29th Jan 2015

    These cookies not only taste good but they satisfy your hunger.

  • taste better in the toaster but can be tolerated either way. definitely keep you from eating bad stuff.

    by katerina – 16th May 2014

    They are great!

  • New Natural Cookies

    by Anastasia – 17th Apr 2014

    I recently purchased the new 10x cookies and have found them to be edible. The chocolate brownie ones keep me full for most of the day however when burning calories through exercise I feel like I do need a fruit or a Greek yogurt to sustain me the entire day. I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I hope to continue till I lose the entire 20 pounds! The last time I did this diet was 5 years ago and I lost 32 pounds that were stubbornly not going away after my son was born. I do not like the idea of eating foods that are not organic so I'm much happier that these at least claim to not have any chemicals.

  • Yummy

    by Eve – 12th Apr 2014

    I love these! Definitely going to reorder these. :D

  • Ok, but not as good as the others

    by Ross – 28th Mar 2014

    Of the 10x, these are my least favorite. They are not bad, but the other flavors are just much better. The diet works though, 15.4 pounds lost in my first month!

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