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Marita Lunn

I have been on the cookie diet since Tuesday (6 days) and have lost over 4.4 lbs. The cookies are yummy, my favorite being the maple pancake. They are so filling. I feel so good for losing the weight and very motivated and will be eating cookies till I reach my desired weight.* Thank you […]

Rhonda J.

I have been eating Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies for 1 week and have lost 4 lbs which is pretty good as I only need to lose about 15.4 lbs. It is a very convenient diet for me especially at work mid morning and mid afternoon when I need a coffee and a snack. I […]

Caroline McDonald

Hi, my name is Caroline McDonald and I have lost 28.6 lbs in 7 weeks on the Cookie Diet. I have tried every diet known to man including prescription diet pills. The only thing that has worked is the Cookie Diet. I am so excited that I have finally found something that works for me. […]

Neil Cuthbertson

Hi, my name is Neil Cuthbertson, 44 years old and live in the Gold Coast. I would like to thank Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet – I have been on them for the last 3 months. In total I have lost 59.5 lbs and feel fantastic. I have never really dieted before and realised I needed […]

Beshoy Ayad

After working in the Fitness Industry for almost 5 years, in my experience I can see a clear attraction towards using The Cookie Diet. It has proven to be successful, easy to use and immediate. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies taste good and help my clients stick to their diet as it controls their hunger. […]

Lisa Marie Farnhill

I have been on the cookie diet for 4 weeks. I eat 1 to 2 cookies every 2 hours and dinner. For my dinner I have either fish, chicken fillet or a piece of lean meat with a generous serving of vegies or a garden salad. Before trying the cookies I loved to snack on […]