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Lisa Marie Farnhill

I have been on the cookie diet for 4 weeks. I eat 1 to 2 cookies every 2 hours and dinner. For my dinner I have either fish, chicken fillet or a piece of lean meat with a generous serving of vegies or a garden salad. Before trying the cookies I loved to snack on chocolates, potato chips and after dinner choc chip icecream was my favourite, but in the last 4 weeks instead of having icecream I ate a cookie and the cookie, which I did not believe at first would work. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet actually worked, the cookies suppressed my appetite and have successfully stopped my cravings for sweets. My favourite cookie flavour is Maple Pancakes which you have to try first it’s yummy! I recommend dr siegal’s cookies to any one who wants to lose weight and that has tried other diets and failed! I have lost 16.5lbs and 13.5cms off my waist line in 4 weeks and I am so happy and proud of myself. I have tried many diets before and gave up but with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet I saw results in the first week and I have not looked back and I am continuing to see more weight loss * and I hope to reach my goal weight in the next few months. I would like to thank Dr. Siegal for making these amazing cookies. Since I have lost 16.5lbs, I have been more motivated to do exercise and my self esteem has risen.* Who ever tries Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet I wish them all the success, good luck, have fun and what ever happens don’t give up.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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