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Thomas Clarke

I’ve been following the cookie diet during the day and just eating whatever I want at night, still drinking energy drinks and still enjoying what I eat – including desserts – with no/little exercise, and I still managed to lose 13.2 lbs in under 2 weeks 🙂 all I changed was I only eat cookies during the day, I changed my diet to this: wake up at 8/9am – eat 1 cookie, at 10am – eat 1 cookie at 12pm – eat 2 cookies, at 2pm – eat 1 cookie, at 4pm – eat 1 cookie, at 6pm – eat 1 cookie and then I have dinner when I get home around 8/9pm plus a dessert afterwards (usually) and a soft drink – and I eat some wasabi peas while I’m driving home – and it WORKS!*

Thanks Dr. Siegal.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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