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Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet
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Cookie Diet Australia on US Weekly

12 April, 2022

Healthy Cookies? See How Snacking on These Sweets Could Help You Lose Weight

The Cookie Diet has been helping people lose and maintain weight for decades...

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Channel 9
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Dailymail Australia
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Cookie Diet Australia on Today Tonight

4 November, 2020

Father, 48, who tipped the scales at 140kg after turning to KFC and booze to deal with the death of his sister loses a third of his body weight by following the

A father-of-one has lost almost...

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Cookie Diet Australia on Today Tonight

30 August, 2019

Working mother-of-two, 32, transforms her body by eating COOKIES - after an unflattering photo of herself shocked her into losing four dress sizes

Like any working mother, Tarra...

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Cookie Diet Australia on Today Tonight

27 March, 2014

Give children COOKIES to treat obesity’: Doctor says nine biscuits a day could help tackle weight epidemic

A British doctor is calling on the NHS to prescribe a radical new diet for obese…

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Cookie Diet Australia on Today Tonight

2 August, 2013

The Cookie Diet - which recommends swapping daily meals for SIX biscuits - launches in UK: But is it just another fad?

Imagine a diet on which you were permitted to stuff your face with biscuits…

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Wall Street Journal
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Cookie Diet Australia on Today Tonight

9 December, 2009

How the Cookie Diet Crumbles

Eat cookies whenever you want to—and still lose weight! That pitch may conjure up visions of unlimited sugar cookies with sprinkles and gingerbread men.
But the “cookie diets” being heavily promoted on TV, in magazines and on the Internet these days don’t give you...

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Yahoo Lifestyle
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Cookie Diet Australia on Today Tonight

17 October, 2020

Aussie dad's insane 44kg coronavirus lockdown transformation

A dad who thought he might not live to celebrate Christmas with his kids has lost 44kg in just five months.

Back in April, loving husband and father John Walker, from Brisbane, had reached his heaviest weight of 140kg while his wardrobe was full of 5XL shirts and size 44in pants...

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Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet Comes to Australia
EAT COOKIES AND LOSE WEIGHT? Famous Cookie Diet that has shed over 20 million kilos to launch in Australia Renowned American physician, weight-loss authority and author Dr. Sanford Siegal is coming to Sydney in April to launch his internationally-popular diet cookies in Australia. Dr. Sanford Siegal has treated more than half a million overweight patients using his …

Dr Siegal cookie shoot

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