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Tamara Joy celebrity testimonials

Tamara Joy
MAFs star

“I love the cookies, it helps me keep my cravings in check and maintain my weight. They taste amazing, especially the maple pancakes. I recommend it to anyone that needs a healthy treat between meals that won’t add to your waistline, It really does control your hunger”

Rita Agoulian celebrity testimonials

Rita Agoulian
Of LickYourPhone

“I love the Cookie Diet, I only needed to lose a few kilos, and this did the trick and quickly. This diet was great cause it’s so convenient, don’t even have to think about anything or plan anything. And now I’m just using the cookies as snacks and I’m keeping the weight off!”

Jessika Power celebrity testimonials

Jessika Power
MAFs star

“I use these as a healthy snack in-between meals and it really curbs my cravings for high calorie treats like chips, or chocolate or muffins. These are great, they taste amazing and they really make me full too, so I don’t over eat on my main meals. So easy just pop them in my bag and I have a guilt-free snack when I’m on the go.”

Kirstie Roche celebrity testimonials

Kirstie Roche
Instagram Influencer

“I freaking love these cookies, they taste amazing!”

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