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The Cookie Doctor E-Cookbook by Dr. Sanford Siegal

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The Ultimate tool for your Journey!

Countless Combinations of Delicious Meals for Any Calorie-Controlled Lifestyle.

Great for Dinner meal options, especially when you enter the weight maintenance phase.

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The Cookie Doctor Cookbook by Sanford Siegal (Ebook/PDF)

For the past three decades, the question that his patients and others have asked Dr. Sanford Siegal more than any other is, "What should I eat to reach and maintain a certain weight?" Finally, he answers the question with a remarkable new cookbook that provides 120 recipes that can be combined to create thousands of unique meals. The ebook is divided into 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 calorie recipes. By combining two or more recipes, you can create meals of any number of calories! For example, if your diet calls for a 600 calorie dinner, you can choose one 500 and one 100 calorie dish. Or, three 200 calorie dishes, and so on. The possibilities are nearly endless!

The Cookie Doctor Cookbook: Countless Combinations of Delicious Meals for Any Calorie-Controlled Lifestyle (2011, Egg & Dart/Dynamic Housewares, ISBN 978-0-9841887-6-5)

With only dinner to plan for, our our customers say it's cheaper to be on the diet than off it.


Why use Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET®?

  • Convenient Snack
  • Great Value – 63 cookies per box!
  • 4 Great flavors
  • Internationally Popular
  • Celebrity favorite
  • Has Helped People Lose Weight since 1975
  • Made in Australia Using Dr. Siegal’s Formula

Don’t Let Hunger Wreck Your Diet!

The purpose of the cookies is to control your hunger so you can stick to a reduced-calorie diet. They contain a particular mixture of proteins, derived from various food substances, that Dr. Siegal has been personally making in his Miami bakery since 1975. There are no drugs or added stimulants in the products.

The way Dr. Siegal designed it, and has been using it on over 500, 000 patients since 1975 is 1 to 2 cookies every 2 hours plus dinner.

For dinner, you have 500 to 700 calories. The dinner is flexible but should be high in lean protein; avoid sugar and lots of carbs.

  • Overall you will have 1000-1200 calories a day.
  • Each cookie has only 60 calories.
  • It is advised to take a daily multivitamin (any brand) and at least 8 glasses of water.
  • Tea and coffee is allowed (avoid full cream milk and sugar if possible – sweeteners are allowed)


If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 077 707.

*For a balanced calorie intake we recommend that you do not exceed 9 cookies per day.

*individual weight loss results may vary.


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