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...Because "Hunger Wrecks Diet" Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet

Made with a special mix of natural hunger suppressing proteins, The Cookie Diet is the diet you need to reach and maintain a healthy control on your weight and eating habits.

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Dr Sanford Siegal Cookie Diet
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Best Seller One Month Variety Pack

Best Seller
One Month, 4 Amazing Flavours

For those customers who can’t decide on just one flavour, or those who just don’t want to, the One Month Variety Pack lets you have it all! In it, you will receive 1 Box of Chocolate Brownie, 1 Box of Cinnamon Oatmeal, 1 Box of Maple Pancakes and 1 Box to Butterscotch.

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Tarra Sloboduik

Working mother-of-two, 32, transforms her body by eating COOKIES – after an unflattering photo of herself shocked her into losing four dress sizes.

Why Is Dr. Siegal’s
Cookie Diet
So Effective?

Half the battle with diets is convenience, the other half is hunger and this diet conquers both and gives you a way to keep the weight afterwards.

Convenience: An easy on-the-go snack that requires no preparation. Just take a bad of cookies with you for the day.

Control Hunger: A special mix of proteins within the cookies naturally suppresses your hunger, and in turn, helps you stick to a low calorie diet ideal for weight loss.

Continue: Once your goal weight is achieved, eat healthy meals and enjoy the cookies as a low calorie, hunger suppressing snack between meals.

Confirmation : This diet is not a fad, it has been going strong and only growing by word of mouth for the last 40 years.

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More Happy Customers

More proof that the Cookie Diet
helps achieve results

About Cookie Diet

Dr Siegal Diet Doctor

Dr. Sanford Siegal’s cholesterol-free cookies do not contain any harmful hunger-suppressing ingredients, but a combination of specially formulated proteins that naturally suppress hunger. Additionally, the cookies do not contain any artificial colours or flavours, however do contain gluten, egg, wheat and traces of nuts.

The cookies are just as delicious as your favourite cookies and come in mouth-watering flavours. You can choose from Chocolate Brownie Cookies, Butterscotch Cookies, Maple Pancakes Cookies and Maple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies.

*Results may vary from person to person.

Weight Loss Plan Quick Facts

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